Persida Drulea
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My translation fees are usually charged per word of target language (language document is to be translated into). Translation into Romanian often times expands the number of words. Editing and proofreading jobs are charged on a per hour basis. I also have a minimum charge for any kind of job.

Translation/editing work frequently involves some lay-out work, file handling, research and use of up-to-date reference materials or tools. Consequently, my fees are generally based on document's degree of specialization, length, source file quality and, of course, required turnaround time.

I make an effort to offer quality work at reasonable rates, comparable to the general average for translation fees.

Please email or call with details about your specific project (subject, approximate word count, format, turnaround time, etc.) or send me a sample of the document. I will be glad to give you a free estimate and a quick response.

Thank you.